#MAAR – Status Update

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MAAR – Music As Art Radio

You can hear the last two shows on

the WGDR.org site (Archive section) – http://www.wgdr.org/archive-2/

and categorized – https://soundcloud.com/search?q=music%20as%20art%20radio

& the MAAR Channel on YouTube – http://www.youtube.com/user/musicasartradio

It’s even better to catch the show live, either on radio in Central Vermont on
WGDR 91.1 Plainfield or WGDH 91.7 Hardwick (Morrisville-Stowe area) or
streaming on the internet – http://www.wgdr.org/listen-live/

Saturday mornings – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm (Noon)

There is an associated Facebook page too. Please visit and “Like” https://www.facebook.com/musicasartradio
t is recommended that if you have requests, leave a comment on that page. It would help me better prepare the show beforehand.

What’s the latest?

—– January 1, 2022 —–

On the 9th anniversary of my first MAAR (Music as Art Radio) show, I have renewed my presence on this exclusive website.
Much more to come, as I will be filling in the blanks for the previous years as well.

—– June 2, 2014 —–

Catching up with audio links and show playlists. Newer entries are not going to be as detailed, there simply isn’t time for that presently.

I am, however, as caught up as the WDGR Archives allow me to be. That means I’m current on shows to May 17th. The next two shows are in the pipe, literally.

As for the fund raiser specials, I had contacted a couple of different artists who promised to play but … you know. Oh well! I made one awkward PSA-style announcement for the WGDR fund raising – and played it twice on the air May 3rd.

—– May 1st, 2014 —–

May Day! I have not been keeping up with blog postings for March and April, and I needed to upload the last two shows to the WGDR.org Archives!
The files are in the process of being processed, but I am doing the fast and furious on the show blogs.

WGDR/WGDH is having their spring fundraising drive. I have spend a few hours in Montpelier at the Hunger Mountain Coop meeting folks and getting donations, often for merchandise. I’ll be at the station tomorrow fielding calls during the “Geezer” music show in the late afternoon.

I’m planning a special show for May 3rd…

—– Feb. 27th, 2014 —–

I have been finally able to get the previously broadcasted shows on WGDR’s online archive!
The link for this area is http://www.wgdr.org/archive-2/

The alternate way to search for my shows there is

Getting the audio to the WGDR site (which is using Soundcloud) was a big accomplishment this week.

—— Feb. 24th, 2014 —–

I finished a training session for the procedures, protocols,, equipment, wiring/routing, and other pertinent information for the big studio performance room and its control booth area. I’m psyched to get to privilege and access to use the facilities, and all sorts of ideas are bouncing in my head about what can be done with the space.

I’m thinking multimedia projections, lights, audience, …

—– Feb. 18th, 2014 —–

Catching up – just one blog behind, and editing the audio segments to match the blogs.

Finding an internet home is a chore, and I have to convert the files to having a video to have them on YouTube. There’s always the copyright issue for every upload, but since I broadcast the show it is considered “Fair Use.”
This doesn’t mean that some countries block the segments, or parts thereof. The biggest blockers are Germany, and sometimes Netherlands. But I even got Antartica blocking a segment!!! Did I offend the penguins in bondage?

—– The latest is on top. —–

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